Home page:
Shortcut: g
Help:g keyword phrase (example: g snow flake)
Description:One of the largest webpage indexes. It has a unique page rank algorithm which returns good results.

Google cache
Home page:
Shortcut: cache
Help:cache domain url (example: cache
Description:Returns the actual page currently cached in the google database.

Google News
Home page:
Shortcut: gnews
Help:gnews keyword phrase (example: gnews PC Update)
Description:Google news search.

Google Translate
Home page:
Shortcut: translate
Help:translate url language1|language2 (example: translate en|fr)
Description:Translate pages to and from your native language.

Google usenet
Home page:
Shortcut: usenet
Help:usenet usenetname (example: usenet alt.computers)
Description:Usenet newsgroup search. It has all listings back to 1981.

Google groups
Home page:
Shortcut: groups
Help:groups keyword phrase (example: groups Cray Supercomputer)
Description:Usenet newsgroup search. It has all listings back to 1981.

Google Images
Home page:
Shortcut: image
Help:image keyword phrase (example: image German Shepherd)
Description:Image search from google search engine.

Home page:
Shortcut: wisenut
Help:wisenut keyword phrase (example: wisenut Leonardo Davinci)
Description:One of the largest webpage indexes. It uses similar technologies to google for displaying search results.

Home page:
Shortcut: vivisimo
Help:vivisimo keyword phrase (example: vivisimo Hubble Telescope)
Description:One of the top meta-search engines. Uses a document clustering engine to obtain results.

Home page:
Shortcut: y
Help:y keyword phrase (example: y Robotics)
Description:Yahoo is one of the founding search directories. Search results are based on a hand picked categorized directory.

Yahoo Map
Home page:
Shortcut: map
Help:map 555 Sycamore, New York, NY
Description:Get Maps and Driving Directions to your destination.

Yahoo Finance
Home page:
Shortcut: quote
Help:quote stock symbol (example: quote MSFT)
Description:Get the latest stock quotes with charting.

Home page:
Shortcut: askjeeves
Help:askjeeves question (example: askjeeves What is the history of the Olympic rings? )
Description:Natural language query search engine. Ask a question in plain english.

Home page:
Shortcut: ai
Help:ai question or command (example: ai Give me a map of Germany. )
Description:START Natural Language Question Answering System is an MIT project. Ask a question in plain english.

Home page:
Shortcut: alta
Help:alta keyword phrase (example: alta tiger)
Description:One of the founding search engines. It use to be one of the premier SE's but has been eclipsed by google and others.

Home page:
Shortcut: allweb
Help:allweb keyword phrase (example: allweb Linux)
Description:One of the largest webpage indexes.
Home page:
Shortcut: amazon
Help:amazon product (example: amazon Lord of the Rings) (options: also search in various departments only: books: 'amazon books:The Two Towers', DVDs: 'amazon dvd:Freeway', music: 'amazon music:madonna', toys: 'amazon toys:barbie')
Description:Search One of the main shopping sites on the internet.

Track UPS packages
Home page:
Shortcut: ups
Help:ups tracking#1, tracking#2 (up to 20)(example: ups 123456789 )
Description:Track UPS packages.

Track FedEx packages
Home page:
Shortcut: fedex
Help:fedex tracking#1, tracking#2 (example: fedex 123456789 )
Description:Track FedEx packages.

Bible Search
Home page:
Shortcut: bible
Help:bible keyword phrase or bible verse (example: bible mary or Genesis 1:1-2)
Description:Site For finding information about the bible.

Acronym Finder
Home page:
Shortcut: acronym
Help:acronym acronym (example: acronym ASAP)
Description:Find the meaning of an acronym. For example what does ASAP mean.

Home page:
Shortcut: sql
Help:sql keyword phrase (example: sql table)
Description:Search dealing with Microsoft's SQL Server

Weather Underground
Home page:
Shortcut: weather
Help:weather zipcode (example: weather 77057)
Description:This search provides local weather info just enter your zipcode.

DNS Search
Home page:
Shortcut: dns
Help:dns domain (example: dns
Description:Find out DNS info about a domain.

Home page:
Shortcut: webmd
Help:webmd keyword phrase (example: webmd calorie restriction)
Description:This search return results for medical and health questions.

Access Medicine
Home page:
Shortcut: medicine
Help:medicine keyword phrase (example: medicine breast cancer)
Description:This search returns very technical results for medical and health questions.

Home page:
Shortcut: dictionary
Help:dictionary word (example: dictionary moon)
Description:Retrieve a dictionary definition for the given word

Home page:
Shortcut: thesaurus
Help:thesaurus word (example: thesaurus excellent)
Description:Search for synonyms and antonyms for the given word

Home page:
Shortcut: pricewatch
Help:pricewatch product item (example: pricewatch Geforce)
Description:Find current pricing for computer related items.

Symantec Virus library
Home page:
Shortcut: symantec
Help:symantec virus (example: symantec nimda)
Description:Search through virus definitions

Virus list
Home page:
Shortcut: virus
Help:virus virus (example: virus code red)
Description:Search through virus definitions

Home page:
Shortcut: whois
Help:whois domain (example: whois
Description:Perform a whois search on a given domain.

Home page:
Shortcut: news
Help:news news item (example: news Olympic Games)
Description:Get the latest news on a topic.

MSN My City
Home page:
Shortcut: mycity
Help:mycity zipcode (example: mycity 77057)
Description:Get local news, weather, and regional information for major cities.

Home page:
Shortcut: job
Help:job job title (example: job janitor)
Description:Perform a job search.

The United States Postal Service
Home page:
Shortcut: usps
Help:usps trackingnumber (example: usps 123456789 )
Description:USPS - Package tracking - The United States Postal Service (U.S. Postal Service).

Astalavista security search
Home page:
Shortcut: crack
Help:crack program (example: crack winzip)
Description:Search for computer security related material.

Neworder security portal
Home page:
Shortcut: hack
Help:hack keyword phrase (example: hack linux)
Description:Computer and network security portal.

Home page:
Shortcut: music
Help:music song or artist (example: music madonna)
Description:Search for mp3 and other music files on the internet.

Yahoo Movies
Home page:
Shortcut: mov
Help:mov movie (example: mov Usual Suspects)
Description:Movie Search Database.

Yahoo Showtime
Home page:
Shortcut: showtime
Help:showtime zipcode (example: showtime 77057)
Description:Find movie showtimes in your area

Intenet movies DB
Home page:
Shortcut: movie
Help:movie movie (example: movie Lord of The Rings)
Description:Detailed database for movie listing on the internet.

Home page:
Shortcut: wayback
Help:wayback url (example: wayback
Description:View your favorite websites in the past.

Home page:
Shortcut: ebay
Help:ebay product item (example: ebay prototype)
Description:The biggest auction site on the internet.

Home page:
Shortcut: register
Help:register news item (example: register microsoft)
Description:Computer related news from a different perspective.

Home page:
Shortcut: epinions
Help:epinions product item (example: epinions apple ipod)
Description:This search provides opinions of users for almost any product.
Home page:
Shortcut: slashdot
Help:slashdot keyword phrase (example: slashdot linux)
Description:News for nerds, stuff that matters.
Home page:
Shortcut: drudge
Help:drudge news item (example: drudge terrorism)
Description:Provides general news story information.
Home page:
Shortcut: sport
Help:sport keyword phrase (example: sport surfing)
Description:This search provides detailed coverage of most sports.

Home page:
Shortcut: phonebook
Help:phonebook George Jetson (Joilet, NY)
Description:An Internet Directory which provides YellowPages, WhitePages and PhoneBook information

Cambridgesoft ChemACX Compound Search
Home page:
Shortcut: chemical
Help:chemical chemical (example: chemical chloride)
Description:Search for chemicals

All Music Guide
Home page:
Shortcut: song
Help:song song (example: song madonna)
Description:A music guide for information on songs and artists.

AccuWeather Forecast
Home page:
Shortcut: accuweather
Help:accuweather zipcode (example: accuweather 77057)
Description:This search provides local weather info just enter your zipcode.

Bigfoot Email
Home page:
Shortcut: bigfootemail
Help:bigfootemail Persons Name (example: bigfootemail Rumplestiltskin)
Description:Search index for peoples email address.

Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Home page:
Shortcut: word
Help:word word (example: word moon)
Description:Search British English definitions

Cambridgesoft Chemfinder
Home page:
Shortcut: chemicals
Help:chemicals chemical (example: chemicals mercury)
Description:Search for chemicals.

CNN News
Home page:
Shortcut: cnn
Help:cnn news item (example: cnn terrorism)
Description:Search for general and headline news topics.

Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN)
Home page:
Shortcut: perl
Help:perl perl module (example: perl lwp or perl dbi /doc ) (you may also search by /author, /dist and /doc. )
Description:Search for perl modules.
Home page:
Shortcut: download
Help:download software program (example: download winzip)
Description:Search for software programs to download.

DealTime Price Comparison
Home page:
Shortcut: dealtime
Help:dealtime product item (example: dealtime sony wega)
Description:Compare pricing at many online stores.

Home page:
Shortcut: dogpile
Help:dogpile keyword phrase (example: dogpile apple)
Description:Conduct several searches in parallel with this meta-search engine.
Home page:
Shortcut: encyclopedia
Help:encyclopedia keyword phrase (example: encyclopedia mozart)
Description:Query an online encyclopedia for information.

Usenet FAQ Search
Home page:
Shortcut: faq
Help:faq FAQ name(example: faq linux)
Description:Search for Usenet FAQs.
Home page:
Shortcut: half
Help:half product item (example: half sony walkman)
Description:Search this shopping site for deals on new and used products.
Home page:
Shortcut: hotscripts
Help:hotscripts program (example: hotscripts clickthrough counter or hotscripts clickthrough counter /php) (options: include: ASP (/asp), C (/c), Java (/java), Javascript (/js), PHP (/php), Perl (/perl), Python (/python), Tools and Utilities (/tools), Remote Hosts (/rh), XML (/xml).)
Description:Search for web scripts and programs.

How Stuff
Home page:
Shortcut: howstuffworks
Help:howstuffworks keyword phrase (example: howstuffworks computer)
Description:This site explains how things work.

Mapquest Maps
Home page:
Shortcut: maps
Help:maps CountryDomain city (example: maps US Oregon
Description:Get Maps and Driving Directions to your destination. Country domains are: AF - Afghanistan, AL - Albania, DZ - Algeria, AS - American Samoa, AD - Andorra, AO - Angola, AI - Anguilla, AG - Antigua and Barbuda, AR - Argentina, AM - Armenia, AW - Aruba, AU - Australia, AT - Austria, AZ - Azerbaijan, BS - Bahamas, BH - Bahrain, BD - Bangladesh, BB - Barbados, BY - Belarus, BE - Belgium, BZ - Belize, BJ - Benin, BM - Bermuda, BT - Bhutan, BO - Bolivia, BA - Bosnia and Herzegovina, BW - Botswana, BV - Bouvet Island, BR - Brazil, IO - British Indian Ocean Territory, BN - Brunei Darussalam, BG - Bulgaria, BF - Burkina Faso, BI - Burundi, KH - Cambodia, CM - Cameroon, CA - Canada, CV - Cape Verde, KY - Cayman Islands, CF - Central African Republic, TD - Chad, CL - Chile, CN - China, CX - Christmas Island, CC - Cocos (Keeling) Islands, CO - Colombia, KM - Comoros, CG - Congo, CK - Cook Islands, CR - Costa Rica, CI - Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), HR - Croatia (Hrvatska), CU - Cuba, CY - Cyprus, CZ - Czech Republic, DK - Denmark, DJ - Djibouti, DM - Dominica, DO - Dominican Republic, TP - East Timor, EC - Ecuador, EG - Egypt, SV - El Salvador, GQ - Equatorial Guinea, ER - Eritrea, EE - Estonia, ET - Ethiopia, FK - Falkland Islands (Malvinas), FO - Faroe Islands, FJ - Fiji, FI - Finland, FR - France, GF - French Guiana, PF - French Polynesia, TF - French Southern Territories, GA - Gabon, GM - Gambia, GE - Georgia, DE - Germany, GH - Ghana, GI - Gibraltar, GB - Great Britain (UK), GR - Greece, GL - Greenland, GD - Grenada, GP - Guadeloupe, GU - Guam, GT - Guatemala, GN - Guinea, GW - Guinea-Bissau, GY - Guyana, HT - Haiti, HM - Heard and McDonald Islands, HN - Honduras, HK - Hong Kong, HU - Hungary, IS - Iceland, IN - India, ID - Indonesia, IR - Iran, IQ - Iraq, IE - Ireland, IL - Israel, IT - Italy, JM - Jamaica, JP - Japan, JO - Jordan, KZ - Kazakhstan, KE - Kenya, KI - Kiribati, KW - Kuwait, KG - Kyrgyzstan, LA - Laos, LV - Latvia, LB - Lebanon, LS - Lesotho, LR - Liberia, LY - Libya, LI - Liechtenstein, LT - Lithuania, LU - Luxembourg, MO - Macau, MK - Macedonia, MG - Madagascar, MW - Malawi, MY - Malaysia, MV - Maldives, ML - Mali, MT - Malta, MH - Marshall Islands, MQ - Martinique, MR - Mauritania, MU - Mauritius, YT - Mayotte, MX - Mexico, FM - Micronesia, MD - Moldova, MC - Monaco, MN - Mongolia, MS - Montserrat, MA - Morocco, MZ - Mozambique, MM - Myanmar, NA - Namibia, NR - Nauru, NP - Nepal, NL - Netherlands, AN - Netherlands Antilles, NC - New Caledonia, NZ - New Zealand (Aotearoa), NI - Nicaragua, NE - Niger, NG - Nigeria, NU - Niue, NF - Norfolk Island, MP - Northern Mariana Islands, NO - Norway, OM - Oman, PK - Pakistan, PW - Palau, PA - Panama, PG - Papua New Guinea, PY - Paraguay, PE - Peru, PH - Philippines, PN - Pitcairn, PL - Poland, PT - Portugal, PR - Puerto Rico, QA - Qatar, RE - Reunion, RO - Romania, RU - Russian Federation, RW - Rwanda, KN - Saint Kitts and Nevis, LC - Saint Lucia, VC - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, WS - Samoa, SM - San Marino, ST - Sao Tome and Principe, SA - Saudi Arabia, SN - Senegal, SC - Seychelles, SL - Sierra Leone, SG - Singapore, SK - Slovak Republic, SI - Slovenia, Sb - Solomon Islands, SO - Somalia, ZA - South Africa, ES - Spain, LK - Sri Lanka, SD - Sudan, SR - Suriname, SJ - Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands, SZ - Swaziland, SE - Sweden, CH - Switzerland, SY - Syria, TW - Taiwan, TJ - Tajikistan, TZ - Tanzania, TH - Thailand, TG - Togo, TK - Tokelau, TO - Tonga, TT - Trinidad and Tobago, TN - Tunisia, TR - Turkey, TM - Turkmenistan, TC - Turks and Caicos Islands, TV - Tuvalu, UG - Uganda, UA - Ukraine, AE - United Arab Emirates, UK - United Kingdom, US - United States, UY - Uruguay, UZ - Uzbekistan, VU - Vanuatu, VA - Vatican City State (Holy See), VE - Venezuela, VN - Viet Nam, VG - Virgin Islands (British), VI - Virgin Islands (U.S.), WF - Wallis and Futuna Islands, EH - Western Sahara, YE - Yemen, YU - Yugoslavia, ZR - Zaire, ZM - Zambia, ZW - Zimbabwe

Multimap Maps
Home page:
Shortcut: multimap
Help:multimap Address (example: multimap 555 King Charles Street, London)
Description:Get Maps and Driving Directions to your destination in the United Kingdom.

Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN)
Home page:
Shortcut: msdn
Help:msdn keyword phrase (example: msdn echo or msdn
Description:Search this site for programming related info from microsoft.

MySQL Reference
Home page:
Shortcut: mysql
Help:mysql keyword phrase (example: mysql mysqldump)
Description:Reference site for the MYSQL database.

PHP Reference
Home page:
Shortcut: php
Help:php keyword phrase (example: php echo)
Description:Use this search for info on the popular web scripting language php.

Phone Number Speller
Home page:
Shortcut: phone
Help:phone phone number (example: phone 555-1212 or phone the-cool)
Description:Spells out phone numbers. It takes a phone number and converts it to possible alphanumeric results.
Home page:
Shortcut: daypop
Help:daypop keyword phrase (example: daypop MP3)
Description:search weblogs for the latest information.
Home page:
Shortcut: about
Help:about keyword phrase (example: about snow flake)
Description: - the Human Internet, where real people help you get whatever you want from the Web
Home page:
Shortcut: 123
Help:123 keyword phrase (example: 123 snow flake)
Description: Search123 operates an online auction-based marketplace designed to introduce qualified leads to online merchants using a powerful, real-time search engine platform


Command line /K
Help:cmd command (example: cmd dir)
Description:open a console window and execute the program you stated.

Ping command
Help:ping ipaddress (example: ping
Description:Ping an ip address or domain name.

Tracert command /K tracert
Help:trace ipaddress (example: trace
Description:Perform a trace route on an ip address or domain name.


Help:? [keyword phrase] (example: ? g)
Description:Show help for commands, webservices, and search engines. Help without params open help file.

Math calculator
Help:=math formula (example: =(2+2)*pi)
Description:Math calculator with various useful functions. Accepted operators: + , - , * , / , ^ , MOD, DIV. Accepted functions: COS, SIN, SINH, COSH, TAN, COTAN, ARCTAN, EXP, LN, LOG10, LOG2, LOGN, SQRT, SQR, POWER, INTPOWER, MIN, MAX, ABS, TRUNC, INT, CEIL, FLOOR, HEAV (heav(x) is =1 for x=>0 and =0 for x<0), SIGN (sign(x) is 1 for x>1, 0 for x=0, -1 for x<0), ZERO (zero(x) is 0 for x=0, 1 for x<>0), PH (ph(x) = x - 2*pi*round(x/2/pi)), RND (rnd(x) = int(x) * Random), RANDOM (random(X) = Random; the argument X is not used)

Send email email name (example:
Description:Open your default email client to send a message to the specified email address.

Find files
Help:find path (example: find c:\)
Description:Open find dialog box.

Search Bookmarks
Help:fav keyword (example: fav windows)
Description:Search your bokmarks based o a keyword phrase.

Unit conversion
Help:10 unit1 unit2 (example: 10 cm inch)
Description:International unit conversion: List of pair conversions: at:pascal, bar:pascal, celsius:fahrenheit, celsius:kelvin, cm:inch, cwtuk:kg, cwtus:kg, cycle:deg, cycle:grad, cycle:rad, deg:cycle, deg:grad, deg:rad, fahrenheit:celsius, fahrenheit:kelvin, feet:metre, galcan:galus, galcan:litre, galuk:galus, galuk:litre, galus:galcan, galus:galuk, galus:litre, grad:cycle, grad:deg, grad:rad, hpelectric:watt, hpmetric:watt, inch:cm, karat:kg, kelvin:celsius, kelvin:fahrenheit, kg:cwtuk, kg:cwtus, kg:karat, kg:lb, kg:lton, kg:oz, kg:qruk, kg:qrus, kg:ston, km:nm, km:sm, knot:ms, lb:kg, litre:galcan, litre:galuk, litre:galus, lton:kg, metre:feet, metre:yard, ms:knot, nm:km, oz:kg, pascal:at, pascal:bar, pascal:torr, qruk:kg, qrus:kg, rad:cycle, rad:deg, rad:grad, sm:km, ston:kg, torr:pascal, watt:hpelectric, watt:hpmetric, yard:metre

Rate conversion
Help:100 country1 country2 (example: 100 us euro)
Description:Perform a currency conversion in almost any currency. List of countries: afghanistan, albania, algeria, andorra, angola, argentina, aruba, australia, austria, bahrain, bangladesh, barbados, belgium, belize, bermuda, bhutan, bolivian, botswana, brazil, england, united_kingdom, uk, great_britain, brunei, burundi, cambodia, canada, cape_verde, cayman_islands, chile, china, colombia, comoros, costa_rica, croatia, cuba, cyprus, czech_republic, denmark, dijibouti, dominican_republic, netherlands, east_caribbean, ecuador, egypt, el_salvador, estonia, ethiopia, euro, falkland_islands, fiji, finland, france, gambia, germany, ghana, gibraltar, greece, guatemala, guinea, guyana, haiti, honduras, hong_kong, hungary, iceland, india, indonesia, iraq, ireland, israel, italy, jamaica, japan, jordan, kazakhstan, kenya, korea, kuwait, laos, latvia, lebanon, lesotho, liberia, libya, lithuania, luxembourg, macau, macedonia, malaga, malawi_kwacha, malaysia, maldives, malta, mauritania, mauritius, mexico, moldova, mongolia, morocco, mozambique, myanmar, namibia, nepal, new_Zealand, nicaragua, nigeria, north_korea, norway, oman, pakistan, panama, papua_new_guinea, paraguay, peru, philippines, poland, portugal, qatar, romania, russia, samoa, sao_tome, saudi_arabia, seychelles, sierra_leone, singapore, slovakia, slovenia, solomon_islands, somalia, south_africa, spain, sri_lanka, st_helena, sudan, suriname, swaziland, sweden, switzerland, syria, taiwan, tanzania, thailand, tonga, trinidad, tunisia, turkey, united_states, us, usa, uae, united_arib_emirates, uganda, ukraine, uzbekistan, vanuatu, venezuela, vietnam, yemen, yugoslavua, zambia, zimbabwe

Word translator
Help:en_fr words (example: en_fr hello)
Description:Translate words and phrases from foreign languages: en_fr, en_de, en_it, en_pt, en_es, fr_en, de_en, it_en, pt_en, ru_en, es_en

Ebay auction
Help:eb action_id (example: eb 414173888)
Description:Shows the current bid price for an item on ebay

Help:temp zip (example: temp 94041)
Description:Current temperature in a given U.S. zipcode.

Stock quote
Help:stock symbol (example: stock IBM)
Description:20 minute delayed stock quote

Find words
Help:words wordmask (example: words GENE????)
Description:Pattern matching word finder useful for solving crosswords. Valid wildcards are ? or *, where ? will be matched with any alpha character

Find anagrams
Help:anagrams anagrammask (example: anagrams REALT)
Description:Anagram generator useful for solving crosswords. Valid wildcards are ?, where ? will be matched with any alpha character

IP work test
Description:Ping IP number to show is workable.

Open web page
Help: (example:
Description:Open a web page in the default web browser.

Open local folder
Help:c:\path (example: c:\windows)
Description:Open a local hard drive window on your computer.

Open network folder
Help:\\server\shared path (example: \\server\shared)
Description:Open a network folder by cumputer name and path

Send message
Help:msg username message (example: msg administrator Help me!!!)
Description:Send a message on your local network.

Help:alert time message (example: alert 15:20 Need to call my friend), (example: alert 25 Need to call my friend)
Description:Show alert message and sound play when time comming. Can be used in two forms. Alert at exact time or alert after x minutes